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Last Update : Mar. 01, 2011

Japanese Restaurant Package 01


This package contains image sequences of computer-generated scenes the 3D model of the Japanese restaurant. By employing an interactive indoor modeler developed by Ishikawa et al. [1], and two image sequences in this package were rendered with two models and predefined intrinsic and extrinsic camera parameters.

Image Sequence


Japanese Restaurant Package 01
Frame Rate30 [FPS]
Image Resolution640 x 480 [pixel]
File SizeAbout 150KB per frame
File FormatJPEG
Loss of FrameNone
Reference PointExist (Ground Truth)
Number of Sequences2
CreatorAdvanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
Last Update2011/03/01

[Text File : history.txt]Update History

Image Sequence Files

Camera Parameters

Intrinsic parameters

Transformation matrix from the camera coordinate system to the image coordinate system.

Transformation matrix

3D Model


  1. Tomoya Ishikawa, Thangamani Kalaivani, Masakatsu Kourogi, Andrew P. Gee, Walterio Mayol, Keechul Jung, Takeshi Kurata: "In-Situ 3D Indoor Modeler with a Camera and Self-Contained Sensors", In Proc. 13th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (HCII2009) in San Diego, CA, USA, LNCS 5622 pp.454-464 (2009)


Please note that these video clips were provided just to exemplify each scenario, and do not follow the video format guidelines.