Last Update : April 21, 2010

NAIST Campus Package 02


This package contains 18 image sequences taken with the same hand-held camera in the outdoor environment where both natural and artificial objects exist. Intended scenario of this package is that a user holding a mobile device is walking along a route with support of the AR navigation system. The image resolution of the sequences is 1280x720 pixels which is common resolution for recent mobile devices (e.g. iPad2 and Xperia arc). Those images were made by resampling the original image sequences of 1920x1080 pixel resolution. For four of 18 sequences, extrinsic camera parameters computed by manually given/measured 2-D/3-D point correspondences are available as reference data. Those 2-D positions were manually specified on the original-resolution images. Images for estimating intrinsic camera parameters and example of estimated intrinsic parameters are also included in this package.

Image Sequence


Naist Campus Package 02
Frame Rate 29.97 (FPS)
Image Resolution 1280 x 720 Progressive
File Size About 200KB per frame
File Format JPEG
Loss of Frame None
Reference Data Exist (2-D/3-D points, estimation example of camera pose, intrinsic camera parameters)
Number of Sequences 18 (4 with reference data)
Creator Nara Institute of Science and Technology (Hideyuki Kume and Takafumi Taketomi)
Last Update 2011/04/21

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Image Sequence Files

The sequences were intentionally acquired under various conditions such as moving occluders, camera speed and auto luminance/focus control. The following table shows properties of image sequences.

Property of Image Sequences.
Properties ? Seq. no. 000102030405060708 091011121314151617
Significant moving occluders
Fast camera movement
Auto luminance control
Auto focus control
Reference data

Mechanical Equipment

Mechanical Equipment.
Handheld CameraSony HDR-AX2000
Wide Conversion LensSony VCL-HG0872X
TotalstationTopcon GPT-9005A

Shooting Environment


Camera Calibration Data

Reference Data




Please note that these video clips were provided just to exemplify each scenario, and do not follow the video format guidelines.