Last Update : Jun. 4, 2010

File Studio Package 01


This package contains image sequences of the film studio of Japanese period drama (Samurai drama). Two image sequences include the ARToolKit marker whose position and orientation are known, and five image sequences do not include the marker.

Image Sequence


Film Studio Package 01
Frame Rate24 [FPS]
Image Resolution1920 x 1080 [pixel]
File SizeAbout 300KB per frame
File FormatJPEG
Loss of FrameExist (Substantially, about 17 FPS)
Reference PointExist (Measured by IS-900 and Rotary Encoder)
Number of Sequences7
CreatorRitsumeikan University (RM2C)
Last Update2010/06/28

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Image Sequence Files

Mechanical Equipment

Mechanical Equipment of Film Studio Package 01
Main Equipment
CameraSony HDW-F900R
LensCanon HJ22ex7.6B IASE
Extra Equipment
Physical SensorInterSense IS-900 SCT (Studio Camera Tracker)
Physical SensorSHOTOKU TU-03VR (Rotary Encoder)

Shooting Environment

Images for Camera Calibration

Result of Camera Calibration (for Reference)

Note: the image was shrunk to 37.5% of its original size.

The result of camera calibration
Parameter NameValueDescription
SCRX720.000000Image size (Horizontal) [pixel]
SCRY405.000000Image size (Vertical) [pixel]
CCDX9.589680CCD size (Horizontal) [mm]
CCDY5.390145CCD size (Vertical) [mm]
SX1.005812Aspect ratio
CAMF7.000474Focal distance [mm]
KAPPA10.004722Kappa 1
KAPPA2-0.000111Kappa 2
IMAGE_CENTER_X1.853480Distance from the image center (Horizontal) [pixel]
IMAGE_CENTER_Y-3.175373Distance from the image center (Vertical) [pixel]


Please note that these video clips were provided just to exemplify each scenario, and do not follow the video format guidelines.