Last Update : October 26, 2011

The 2nd International Workshop on

AR/MR Registration, Tracking and Benchmarking


October 26, 2011, Congress Center in Basel, Switzerland,

in conjunction with ISMAR2011


The online proceedings are available from the proceedings page.


09:30-09:45 Welcome Talk
Hirokazu Kato (NAIST)

TrakMark Activities

09:45-10:10 A Prototype Tool in TrakMark to Generate Benchmark Data Sets for Visual Tracking Methods using Virtualized Reality Models
Koji Makita, Tomoya Ishikawa, Takeshi Kurata (AIST)

10:10-10:35 A Study of Camera Tracking Evaluation on TrakMark Data-Set
Masayuki Hayashi, Itaru Kitahara, Yoshinari Kameda, Yuichi Ohta (University of Tsukuba)

10:35-11:00 Evaluation of Model based Tracking with TrakMark Dataset
Antoine Petit, Guillaume Caron, Hideaki Uchiyama, Eric Marchand (IRISA/INRIA Rennes)

Coffee Break

Tracking Evaluation

11:10-11:35 A Repository for the Evaluation of Image-based Orientation Tracking Solutions
Christopher Coffin, Jonathan Ventura, Tobias Höllerer (University of California Santa Barbara)

11:35-12:00 Benchmarking Inertial Sensor-aided Localization and Tracking Methods
Daniel Kurz, Sebastian Lieberknecht, Selim Benhimane (metaio GmbH)

Lunch Time

Tracking Evaluation & Method

13:30-13:55 Evaluation Method for Model-based Tracking of 3D Rigid Curved Objects
Marina Atsumi Oikawa, Goshiro Yamamoto, Makoto Fujisawa, Toshiyuki Amano, Jun Miyazaki, Hirokazu Kato (NAIST)

13:55-14:20 Real-Time Accurate Localization in a Partially Known Environment: Application to Augmented Reality on textureless 3D Objects
Mohamed Tamaazousti, Vincent Gay-Bellile, Sylvie Naudet Collette, Steve Bourgeois (CEA, LIST), Michel Dhome (LASMEA / CNRS)

Short Talks

14:20-14:35 Accuracy Evaluation of Planar Pattern Tracking
Hideo Saito, Takumi Yoshida (Keio University)

14:35-14:50 Progress Report of the City of Sights Project
Tobias Höllerer (University of California Santa Barbara)

14:50-15:05 Progress and Next Steps in the TrakMark Project
Fumihisa Shibata (Ritsumeikan University)

Coffee Break


15:20-16:30 Future of TrakMark
Facilitator: Kiyoshi Kiyokawa (Osaka University)

Call for papers

In the research fields of Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR), tracking and registration methods are still one of the most important topics. The tracking research field is highly active, and numerous methods appear on a regular basis. The TrakMark working group (WG) was established 2009 to create a benchmark test that permits objective and accurate evaluation of the tracking methods. This year, the workshop will cover a wide range of topics concerning AR/MR registration, tracking and benchmarking. Key areas include, but are not limited to:

Important Dates

Abstract Submission

Please send an extended abstract (maximum 500 words) with title, authors, figures and references to "" before the due deadline.

Format of Camera Ready Paper

IEEE CS style format ( ), that is the same format as main conference, is recommended, but any format is acceptable. There is no page limitation.

Publication of Accepted Papers

Accepted papers will be published on the webpage of TrakMark ( ).

Organizing Co-chairs

Hirokazu Kato (NAIST, Japan)
Tobias Höllerer (UCSB, USA)
Selim Benhimane (Metaio, Germany)
Winyu Chinthammit (University of Tasmania, Australia)